Brigit Law is a specialist in Emotional Communication, Diversity, Leadership and Social Media.

Brigit blogs about ways that steer human behavior as an interest field for Corporate Communication, Marketing and Leadership. She mixes research with her own experiences while living and working in different countries.

Brigit works with projects that involve cutting-edge practices that answers to questions and problems around believes, patterns and behavior.

Where other approaches fail, Brigit delivers successful solutions with Storytelling techniques that fill the holes in the greasy cheese of communication & marketing, making sense through complexity.
Brigit is a committed communications professional who dares to cross borders and enjoys an out-of-the-box work & lifestyle, coming from over 15 years of work experience in various countries.
Brigit studied politics and management in her home country The Netherlands and topped up her Dutch degree with a Masters in Law from the University of Edinburgh. She worked in Moscow, Brussels, Gothenburg and is now based in the US, Pennsylvania.