‘Purpose Gets Personal’: The New Way at Edelman PR

The world’s largest PR firm Edelman has launched a new website, focusing on two of my favorite professional themes: [leadership through] complexity and diversity (‘Life In Color’).

I got completely hooked up to their Purpose Around The World study, resulting in the ‘Purpose Gets Personal’ and ‘Me in We’ outcomes (see image below). These are outcomes I see around me too and I feel completely connected to them as a communications professional and hobbyist. It seems that Edelman employees are spot on with their revamped company strategy and offering of PR solutions.

However …. , I also see a short coming where their new strategy is trying to find the balance in personal gain and societal gain. Since Edelman is a pure for-profit company, their presentation of ‘a balance’ for their clients will come down to a metrical exercise which will not reflect the the true and troubled hearts and minds of people. Their societal gain will be wolf in sheep clothes, a new kind of commercial gain presented as a societal gain. Even for their non-profit clients.

Social behavior of human beings is so much steered by local culture and momentarily emotions that offering a ‘balance’ to clients in this matter is only possible when Edelman besides updating their website also updated their staff’s education with degrees in anthropology, neurology and psychiatry.

Unfortunately they haven’t exactly done that. Their executives are journalists and industry veterans. So, it’s business as usual and a missed opportunity at Edelman PR, I am afraid.