Meet Me, Meet The Observer

What would you be if you had moved home and country every three years for the last 20 years? When you lived longer abroad than home? You would be like me:  a community Observer.

How do you recognize Observers? Observers see things from the outside, so think synonyms. They simply are ‘not an insider’. They are neither fully a part of their home country, nor of their host countries.

Observers watch, listen and absorb. They don’t judge, just compare. They make comparisons between what they see all the time. They are a mobile brain exchange machine. They may be lonely, but never alone and certainly never bored. The reward? A continuous feeling of surprise and amazement that make living life to the full.

By the way, did you know that the closer they watch and admire the little things in life around them, the bigger the surprise is? Seriously, people’s culture is embedded in the smallest of things and places. Culture that surprises. And who does not like surprises?

You think there is our something sad about being an Observer, an 0utsider? No. Look at this picture and you will see that it is delightful to be an Observer, actually.