Step 1-2-3

A Dutch friend of mine started her own business in EquiCoaching called ‘Step 1-2-3’. 

This sounds like a great name to me. It reminds me of the three part-view of a story, a journey, a program or a project: The Beginning, The Middle and The End. A creative adventure to lead change …

‘Step 1-2-3’ offers a great mind set in EquiCoaching but also for those who (like to start to) work with change. As a leader of change – no matter whether it is personal or professional – you’ll most likely walk the following storyline, spread out over a number of years (no change is a 5 minute job!):

Step 1 (The Beginning) – Getting the Project/Position
Step 2 (The Middle) – Initiating the Change
Step 3 (The End) – Consolidating the Change

While this structure may look simple too you, the work it takes is not so simple at all. Any business person with experience in (re)forming a department or organization will be able to tell an blood-sweat-and-tears story about change.

Storytelling with the three part structure approach fits right into EquiCoaching and visa versa. EquiCoaching brings human beings in personal contact with one of life’s natural leaders – the horse -, which means it is a great methode for learning to lead a change. 

 Together with the EquiCoach, the horses provide immediate feedback and insights which allows the course taker to learn quicker and move faster in the development process of his or her own change behavior and performance. The contact with the horse unlocks a person’s ability to discover successful solutions, decide which aspects of  life or business to improve, and to develop a personal action plan to do so.

Within 3 steps, EquiCoaching is a way to find the right incentive to motivate ‘agents’ to take a particular course of action, initate it and consolidate it.

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You can find the company ‘Step 1-2-3’ under its Dutch name Stap 1-2-3 on Facebook.