New Leadership is a Sense that stimulates the Mind

I guess no one can write, talk or think about leadeship without making synergies with sportmanship from time to time. Especially when you live in the USA.

This evening I read this poem to my eight year old daughter which reminded me of the real status of leadership: that of a human Sense that stimulates our State Of The Mind. A sense that can be developed just like a sense for sportmanship. Just listen to this pro’s advice…

If you want to play tennis, I’ll give you a tip:
You must practice your stroke,
You must tighten your grip,
You must straighten your shoulders
And swivel your hip
And develop your sense of sportmanship.
(Poem by Shel Silverstein in Every Thing On It)

It is the status of the mind. Like sportmanship, leadership is not the end or the beginning of something. It is the State of the Mind that steers our behavior to getting something done.