5 Facebook Rules I Live By

I felt some feeling of spring in the air when I left the barn at Wilson College this morning. The sun shone differently, warmer. The horses were in good form and I can look back on a very good riding session. Every time it amazes me how horseback riding get one to experience the flow communication so clearly.

What I am going to share with you today are my favorite Facebook tips. The five Facebook rules I live by.

These are the rules I believe are essential to follow. Anything else, any more elaborate advice, flows from here.

  1. Share only what EVERYONE should know and DON’T share what only a few should know
  2. Don’t presume that everyone automatically receives your message. People more often don’t than do listen
  3. Apply the ‘No Man Is An Island’-approach, i.e. pay attention to others, your stakeholders
  4. Write news stories that are desirable, visually digestible and shareable. Messages must slide through digital communities like a piece of hand soap
  5. Respect people’s privacy at all times

I compiled these yesterday for a private and membership based organization who had questions about what and what not to publish on their Facebook. They are in a phase of change where they are opening up more to the community to attract new members and events to their club. So, a critical look at how to use Facebook in these important times, is important for them.

I hope you will have a nice day with just that little bit of spring feeling too!