American Culture? What, where … ?

Often,I hear that America has little to no culture compared to places like France, Italy or Greece. This is said by the media or my fellow Europeans who were on holiday here. I must say, I was slightly afraid that this might be the true after a visiting the only Amish museum in Lancaster and seeing it very strangely hidden behind the giant buildings of the commercial chains Walmart, Giant and Kohls.

However, after living seven months in American, I am glad to say that I can agree with the opposite. America has a great culture! It is a culture that is embedded in their music, films and world famous brand slogans!

I realized this when my sister in law said that I lived in a film after hearing one of my stories. Indeed, there have been numerous occasions now that I felt I was living a film or a song. The first time was when when the check out guy at the Walmart called ‘hey lady’ to me after I had forgotten my shopping bags at the counter, or when I feel the ‘Just Do It!’ slogan from Nike at work when I am volunteering in community and school projects here, or when I see my daughter sliding down the staircase in our house in America just like Annie Banks in the film The Father of the Bride. In the Netherlands where I come from, we just don’t have such big staircases and ‘sliding space’ in our houses and we rather talk and wait for who is going to do it than ‘just do it!’

Culture in America may not to be found in books from great writers like in Russia or France, or in food from famous chefs like in Belgium, or ancient castles and ruins like in Germany and Greece, paintings in Italy or in a healthy living like in Scandinavia. If you want to experience American culture and history, listen to American music, see the films and live the slogans of their brands.

So now, after a long week with work and kids, I am going to take a nice a warm bath. Because I am worth it!