Originality and Momentum Is Wearing Off at OWS

I just read the article:

Is Occupy Wall Street strapped for cash?

The Washington Post Social Reader reports that Occupy Wall Street is running out of money, according to the Wall Street Journal. Although I cannot imagine a more unreliable source to trust in the case of how Occupy Wall Street is doing, there may be some truth in it.

Originality and momentum wears off quickly with whatever one does. In many cases it is also true that the quicker the success comes, the quicker it disappears. Unless one is out for a to set a quick mark, making a change as a steady organization requires long term strategy and vision, a history and above all resilience and good planning of resources.

Whether OWS will be a ‘stayer’ or just a one day wonder, they stood up when needed and has left an important mark history already. And since the world economic crisis is far from over, it may continue to do so despite set backs. In fact, it are the set backs that establish a real change!

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