New Trend for 2012: Social: Yes! Media: No!

According to new Dutch trend predictions for 2012 anything and everyone media savvy like Foursquare is out of fashion and anonymity is the new ‘cool’.

Here follows a very telling selection of what is popular in 2012 as listed today in Vrouw, an insert in the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf:



AZ (as opposed to media savvy Ajax)

To love each other (rather than getting married)

Radio (as opposed to TV)

Serving Leadership build on thrust and achievements


Old fashion (made) pictures

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (as opposed to self enrichment)

Say yes to moving


Pure Nature

Depth (as opposed to superficiality)

Crowdfunding (as opposed to Good Cause)

Full sentences (as opposed to abbreviations)

I love this human skill of true resilience: making whatever economic situation hot and trendy and 2012 it is depression, slump and malaise that will bring us together in a more simple and less pretentious fashion.

Despite what all marketing agencies say, when I read this list, I conclude that for 2012 there will be more Social but less Media. And that is probably a good thing.

Happy 2012!