Children Stories Technically Superior in Communication

Children’s storybooks are my favourite. That and theatre scripts.

Not just for leisure or my role as a parent, but mainly for R&D in my profession.

Compared to business communication, they are superior in technique for reaching unconscious believes and behaviour of the reader/listener.

Why they are better? I’ll give you some examples.

  • their universal interpretation, which is important for guiding perception
  • the why they challenge thinking patterns
  • the clear messages that ask for a certain behaviour (good/bad)
  • written by people who are not afraid to go into detail there where it counts, providing context that gets the reader to stick to the story (message)
  • there is a sense of true honesty about the problem that needs to be overcome
  • if you search on istock for an image showing a ”compeling story’, most involve children cartoons and kids reading/listening
  • the healthy doses of humour and love that lift spirits or make the reader think and care.

Ps. Yesterday, I read this book as bedtime stories for my kids. Sorry it is in Dutch, but I absolutely loved it 🙂 Ik blijf altijd bij je from Sjoerd Kuyper & Marit Törnqvist

I am curious to know which children book or story is your favourite. Just respond to this blog!