Leaders: Talk More, Not Less!

I guess you are hearing people complain about the mass of information they receive every day. They may even say that the whole communication sector is getting out of control, especially since the arrival of social media. How do you react? Should you consider communicating less? Easy sollution? I think not. Why?

Let’s think for a moment about the music industry. For years and years, the record companies release thousands and thousands of songs. Why? Because music is very personal, people like different songs for different reasons. And sure, here too masses of people complain, but are the label companies considering producing less? I think not.

In terms of music, it is almost a universally accepted right that there should be something for everyone’s likes. Songs, you see, spark emotions and – in music – people are looking for songs that can stimulate their unconscious moods and believes. With one single song, millions of people perceive something differently, something they need and want to feel, whether it is sadness, happiness, strength or relaxation.

There is another bit of information I have for you that proofs that leaders should communicate more and not less, namely the Phoenix Suns story. The Phoenix Suns are a thriving social media brand. The NBA team has more than 60,000 Twitter followers and nearly 450,000 Facebook fans. In an interview with Ragan’s PRDaily, Jeramie McPeek, the vice of president of digital at the Suns, says that they strike a balance with 4 to 6 updates a day. In other words, 4 to 5 corporate messages a day. Does that sound like too much? The 450,000 FB fans clearly think not.

So, think of music when communicating. You may have too many tones in your song, but never too many songs.

ps. Listen to the whole interview with Phoenix Suns here.