Women, Complexity and Leadership: the perfect blend

I love reading everything that has to do with Leadership & Complexity. Could it be because I am a woman? Are women not like a spider in the web when it comes to handling complexity? It looks like female leaders have a special skill to export here.

According to storyteller, scientist and Welsh genius Dave Snowden, founder of Cognitive Edge, leading through complexity is all about making your organization a resilient one, the one that allows a certain degree of tollerated failure as opposed to a robust one where all uncertainty gets removed to prevent failure (and never succeeds).

Surely, there are men interested in this subject as they are in everything that has to do with leadership and management. But still, is there not something feminine about what it takes to be a successful leader in complex situations, such as perception, early detection antennas and love for listening to detailed stories and gossip rather than bare facts? While man may get involved in this type of leadership because of the challenge to create a constant of order and stability, women probably like it because they feel like a fish in the water when in dealing with complexities.

You only need to look at the new campaign of the Halle Berry fragrance ‘Reveal’ to see and understand that woman and complexity make a natural and attractive match.

Or think of ‘dress like a Parisienne’ when the leadership challenge is doing more with less. Or look at the tendancy woman to run their household and family as a resilient hub, while man stife to turn it into a robust one?

While Dave Snowden teaches predominantly male board members how to shift from a fail-sail design strategy to a safe-to-fail strategy for a healthy entrepreneurship that can seize the day, I’d say: just get more women on board!

ps: I attended Dave Snowden’s master class ‘Leading Through Complexity’ on April 4th in Amsterdam and can fully recommend it.