White Space: A Quick Mind Catcher In Social Media

Good afternoon!

Today, I’d like to share with you a new & fresh idea for successful communication & storytelling with Social Media: the use of ‘White Space’.

In a time where people slowly start recognizing the need for individual Guidelines and Writing Patterns when using Social Media for their online communication and dialogue, I’d like to point out to you the use of ‘white space’ in script writing.

The Script Lab recommends here white space on the page as a clever and practical way to get the reader to turn pages: fast and furious. Imagine if you could get the same effect when building in blanks – or breaks – in your talk online.

According to The Script Lab, “the screenwriter must start scenes as late as possible and get out early. The less words that can be used to accomplish each scene without losing the voice of the writer, the better. It’s simple: less words means less reading. And if there is one absolute in Hollywood, it is that NOBODY READS.” Well, – perhaps sadly but truly – the latter is not only an absolute in Hollywood anymore …

The function of white spaces in writing intrigues me. I remember a participant at one of my workshops – a very skilled female architect who had set up a very decent architect bureau in Germany and now leading a small team of young architects – that she had stopped using Twitter because of the noise. She felt that the way people twittered, prevented her from properly hearing anyone or anyone to hear her. A real shame, because she had like many of us, set out using Social Media for letting business grow and establish contacts in new markets.

People’s behaviour on Social Media is a real obstacle for many. It is like going to a birthday party with lots of (brand) names, faces, words, noise and flickering images. Not easy to engage in if you prefer a string quartet over disco. No wonder that most people either look for the ‘Exit’ sign or just take on the role of a wall flower and rather watch but say nothing.

But using white spaces is not only a practical way to bring peace to mind online as a handy Mind Set, but is also a Mind Catcher and, therefore, a great but subtle communication instrument to use in Change and Marketing processes.

Once more, it seems like that many complexities around Social Media can be solved easily in applying a couple of simple writing behaviour and thinking patterns from traditional (screen) writing.