Social Media from a different angle reviewed

Let us look at Social Media from a different angle, an angle I have not seen highlighted in many discussions yet: that of Social media being a skill that is going to be a must for people of 40 years of age and upwards.

Whilst you may be in a leading position just now, a situation of reorganization or change may be around the corner at any time, forcing you to look for new job challenges.

Learning about Social Media is for all ages and positionsOne of the options you may have as a senior manager is to support young entrepreneurship or join a new organisation which has a strong foot going in talking to their networks via Social Media channels. In both situations it will be a bonus – or rather a make or break factor – that you master Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogging and other Social Media & Storytelling channels.

Unfortunately, at the moment most recruitment and employment agencies are lagging behind in pushing this new skill among their clients and network of senior executives. Often, they do not even master Social Media themselves.

I tell you this, because when my dad was in his 40s, he thought that he did not need to master the arrival of computer and take training. Instead, he fought against it in his mind and said with sarcasm that it was ‘something for young people’. This attitude lead his career into no-men’s land when he was in his mid 50s, a time when he could have been enjoying an Indian Summer in his career.

Now, retired and 70 years of age, he and my mum have bought themselves a laptop, learned to surf on the Internet, read newspapers online and communicate with children and grandchildren via e-mail and Facebook.

A real shame he did not take the plunge when it really mattered in his working life. So, don’t you wait until it is too late …