Bye bye ‘Globalization’ – Hello ‘Cities’!

It looks that ‘globalization’ – a buzz word that has kept us going for the last decade – is losing its shine. Today, the Dutch newspaper NRC published a visionary article (Wanneer steden de wereld besturen) with research references and talks, concluding that our world which seems increasingly more difficult to manage, cities not countries will form “islands of government” on which the future world order will be built.

Funnily enough, last Friday I advocated a similar trend when I popped a question at the end of the lecture ‘Crisis Busters: from Marx to Krugman’ by Lord Robert Skidelski (writer of the book “Keynes, The Return of the Master”) at the Maastricht University Campus in Brussels, by saying that the word ‘globalization’ should better be binned. It is getting old-fashioned and simply doesn’t fit any longer in way people see their lives and how they want to live in it today, while securing a good life for themselves and their children in the future. 

I specifically say ‘see‘ here, because in the end it is all a matter of people’s perception. We’ve always lived in a globalized world (the world is a globe) and cities have always had a tremendous amount of power on people’s daily lives. It’s just the way we decide to look at it in business and politics, how they feel they could make sense of everything that happens around us and then talk about it, that makes Nationalization and Regionalization follow each other up as different trends in history.

So, ‘Cities’ is the new buzz word, and no doubt ‘Design’ ‘Architecture’ and ‘Citiplanning’ will follow suit. A very important development in emotional communication and Storytelling that allows us to shift from talking and thinking economics to creativity as the drive to life and the new appeal!

I am glad that my new workshop for brand, marketing and communication managers is right up there 🙂