Johnson & Johnson does it. What about you?

They are still hard to find, companies that use Storytelling in their Annual Reports. But Johnson & Johnson has taken the plunge and so have I in my efforts to develop services that make my clients a respectable communicator anno 2011.

Whilst we all know that people buy with emotion and justify their purchase with logic, it is important to balance carefully information that ‘talks’ to the Left Brain – the facts & figure -, with information that triggers the Right Brain – emotions.

The latter, the Right Brain or Cognitive Side, steers people’s feelings and emotions such as impulsive purchases and love for a brand. Needless to say that it is therefore extremely important that organizations are on top of this with a serious sense of attention.

Now, coming at the end of another year, it is time again for (annual) reporting and organizations would be wise to investigate the benefits of adding Storytelling to their communication mix and patterns. Of all communication tools an organization has in its possession, an Annual Report in particular lays out its future – where we were, where we are now and where will we be.

Different from the more traditional reporting technique, Storytelling supports a more emotional communication pattern which describes a certain happening by explaining where people come from, where they are now, and where they are going. With this information which often needs to make sense of complex situations or CRS policy, an organization needs to please and attract the trust of investors. A clear job for the Left Brain, I would think. Which companies do it already, I hear you ask. Well…

Johnson & Johnson does it. What about you?