Non Nonsense Networking to get new business

I decided to call it NNN, No Nonsense Networking, a discipline I would like to share with you. Why? Because all successful entrepreneurs I meet don’t network to get business, at least not in the way as is stimulated by branche organizations and government support initiatives.

How these successful business people work? They contact potential clients strategically and often on a one-to-one approach, outside informal or formal networking meetings. Then it is a matter whether they have or do not have a “click” with the client.

For them, participating in networking meetings is for fun and at most for inspiration, getting new ideas. But more often, it is not on their week agenda at all due to lack of time (they have work to do you see …)

Today, I met one of these successful entrepreneurs, a person I admire and feel inspired by in my own efforts to start a business. He is from my home village and a couple of years older than I am. He has worked his way up as a nowadays called CEO by experience (as opposed to the masters degree CEO’s) and heads a media agency of SME size. His story about finding new clients is about focussing on real business opportunities and a good sense of ‘time is money’. This approach has paid off and it makes me  question my rather laid back ‘let’s meet and see what happens’-approach.

What I have noticed is that meetings, also networking events, should make sense at all time and not be based on a vague possibility that it may make sense at some point in the future, or not.

The objective of wasting time on networking should be clear:

1. have fun

2. get inspired

3. get tips for new business (partners), at the most.

What so-called network meetings do not do, is give you new business on the spot. That image what (governmental) business stimulators give and try to stage with business blind-dates, is nonsense. Finding people with a problem to which you can give a solution is what matters. So, get real and be honest: make sense of your time spend on networking.

I will keep you updated with my NNN and I wish you good luck with yours!