Story Boarding, the new Snow Boarding for Managers

A skying holiday, great relaxation for many leaders in business. Outdoor, free mind, adventure and Glüwine in the Alps or Glöck in the Nordic Fjällen, these are all ingredients for the perfect office get away for new inspiration and an engergized body.

But what if it is too expensive for your boss to take pen and paper to the Alps? Start ‘Story Boarding’ in your local pub or at other exiting places you go to for your Team Building and Away Day already anyway.

Story Boarding helps you to map ideas, create visions, initiate change and new ways forward. It brings back memories of important historical moments of the rise of your organization and it is an eye opener for recognizing the role of others in your organization’s wider enviroment. Story Boarding also points out the responsiblity your organization has, CSR in making this world a good place to live for your children.

Story Boarding is a fun exersice with script writing techniques, looking for the anti hero, or joker. But is also a communication exercise with serious implications for the development and branding of your organization.

So, if you will not go snow boarding with your team this year, do check out team building days with story boarding. The result can be the same, but without the risk of a broken leg.