‘Walk the Talk’, why should we?

It always surprises me, respectable organizations that don’t ‘walk the talk’, i.e. do not do what they preach to others.

Today, I made a presentation at a well known organization specialized in Information Society Research and Innovation Policy. Unfortunately, in our meeting room there was merely an analogue telephone without speaker option and not even an automatic possibility to phone abroad. Do they know that today  the costs of local fixed line abonnements are often more expensive than mobile world wide roaming ones?  As a sollution, we used my mobile phone to allow a colleague of mine in Sweden to phone into the meeting in Brussels.

This remined me of an earlier meeting I had at a world know commercial company selling IT sollutions, where it transpired that what most employees had in common is that on their first day of even week  in this organization they did not have a computer. What a strange welcome that must have been.

It seems like working for Coka-Cola but not being able to drink it in the office. It is a bit silly, don’t you think?