Fake Fur and Furry Stories

I am in love with Chanel, always have and always will. If I had the chance, I would have Chanel  covering every piece of my body day and night. But I don’t. I have some doubts about Karl, you see …

The King of Fashion, Karl Lagerfeld, has a new message: ban global warming, fake fur for Chanel.  The Cosmopolitan quoted his new onliner: ‘You cannot fake chic but you can be chic in fake fur’. Not quite as rytmic as Oscar Wilde, but an interesting onliner it is.

If I used this line for my business it would read: ‘You cannot fake stories but you can tell a story about a fake.’ Not something I would advice.

A tail is a tail, fake is fake and fur is fur. It is not only the substance that matters you see, but much more the perception people have when thinking or talking about it. An honest supporter of CSR would not even come close to fake fur because of the interpretation and connentation fur has in people’s mind. Only a real break with fur would be an honest and clear step.

The morale of this little annecdote? Don’t start producing fake stories in your corporate communication! And if you need to wear fur, just be honest about it and make sure that it has a socially acceptable explanation and not a fashionable one.

From the stories around the oneplanetcommunication principle by Brigit Law