Here, I am following in the glorious footsteps of the architect Thomas Rau. Rau, born in Germany is currently based in the Netherlands, Amsterdam, with his agency RAU.

I stumbled upon him in my project Benelux Architecture 2010. Not literally, but digitally speaking, or more correct: I stumbled upon his website when researching architects who make use of social media. The website headline “oneplanetarchitecture” immediately caught my attention. Healthy, energy-producing buildings that adopt a people-oriented approach and enhance awareness of our planet, that is what Rau calls oneplanetarchitecture.

In a dash I saw the birth of a new type of management: oneplanetmanagement. Healthy, engery-producing business strategies that (finally!) adopt  people-oriented approach and enhance awareness of our planet.

Why? Because I would love to be asked by a company to support its strategy with oneplanetcommunication. The ultimate goal of Storytelling.