Denekamp Koffie Tijd/Coffee Time/Fika

‘Denekamp Koffie Tijd’ stands for Coffee Time in Denekamp, or for my Swedish friends: Denekamp Fika. It is the set times my parents, who live in Denekamp – a small rural village at the German border in the Netherlands – used to have a coffee break when I was young. And they still do today every day at 9.30 am and 4 pm.

A regular life style was common in those days and I remember it brought structure in our lives. My husband and I now refer to it whenever we can in our irregular lives of constant juggling and balancing work live with our live as parents of four young children: ‘Let’s have Denekamp Koffie Tijd’ we say to eachother as often as we can. Even our kids talk about it now.

Sitting down for coffee is a moment when we stop our  work, relax and talk about what we have been doing and planning for the next day or week. It’s a moment of exchanging information through storytelling and an engaging way of having dialogue.

However, I must admit that the best conversations I had with my mum is when she was working at home and I would talk to her when she actually had no time to listen or talk.

I guess, even regular informal settings are not the best platforms for successful communication. The best talks happen unexpectedly. Hurra for Social Media and it’s uncontroled zone in the digital world!

Ejoy your coffee today!