The weather forecast in emotional tenor

I have always been amazed by the place the weather forecast has in our society. After the news, it seems to be the most important factor that influences our daily lives. More than on our parents or our boss, we rely on the weahter forecaster to help us decide what we are going to do, or not to do, the next day or week. Even when most forecasts are pretty dry and boring.

But not those of Frank de Boosere, the very sympathetic Belgian weather forecaster. His weather stories are funny, engaging and even emotional. Like no other forecaster, does he highlight different perspectives of the weather for different groups of people. Like today, when everyone was enjoying a most fabulous hot Spring day in Belgium, his weather forecast story made me happy and almost longing for the rain which is predicted for Wednesday. Why? Because he explained the need for rain for the farmers. Not jus any rain, but that long and soft rain which goes on for the whole day, so that it can soak in the ground and feed the harvest.

In short, Frank de Boosere understands, perhaps unconsiously, that communication is all about seeing life through the eyes of many, many different people and groups.

The result? I did not became sad or angry when recieving the bad news of rain coming this week. Instead, I put my desires for sun aside and wished for rain, because I knew that many farmers need it. No other weather forecaster has ever achieved this kind of emotional and social feeling in me, but I am interested to hear if you know of others.

And so, the bad news had a happy ending!